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What’s in the box?

  • 2-gallon conical fermenter
  • Stick-on temperature gauge
  • 8 plastic bottles with caps and labels
  • Mixing spoon
  • Bottle Filler and hose
  • Instructions

This is a very interesting product to look at, as it boasts itself as being revolutionary in the way it provides the world’s smallest conical fermenter at just 2-gallon capacity. A conical shaped fermenter is unique because its design allows the sludge at the bottom of the beer to sit in the small trap below the spigot. The design itself is very ascetically pleasing and wouldn’t look out of place in any kitchen.

The kit contains the more and more standardised plastic bottles that comes with most beginner home brew starter kits these days. They won’t have the wow factor to your friends, but are easily cleaned and perfect for when you are just starting out and still in that experimental stage with your brew.

Also included is a temperature gauge to easy monitor the brew temperature, a large mixing spoon and a bottle filler, with attachable hose to easily get you beer from the fermenter into your bottles. All things considered this is probably the basic of the basic when it comes to a home brew starter kit, and it will be intriguing to see what quality of beer can actually be made from it.

As this is a malt extract kit there is hardly any effort in preparing the mix ready for the fermenter, in fact the hardest part of the process is making sure the equipment is properly sanitised before use, which is a must if you want your brew to turn out the way it’s supposed to.

I followed the 2/2/2 rule for this brew, which is two weeks fermentation, 2 weeks carbonation and 2 weeks conditioning in the fridge. The result was actually a very well rounded beer with a smooth taste and refreshing texture. The only downside was the slight lack of foam for the head, but this is hardly noticeable when you begin drinking your freshly bottled beer and could probably be resolved during the carbonation period.

To sum things up, this is a very impressive home brew starter kit that produces a good quality homemade beer in the simplest way. The kit itself is very stylish and blends into your kitchen décor, so it never looks like a big, heavy fermenter, and doesn’t get in the way. The small nature of the design is ideal for beginners, as the 2 gallon fermenter allows you to experiment with smaller batches of beer until you find your feet in the world of home brewing. The instructions are simple and concise and if followed correctly you will end up with a very decent home brew that will make you feel like a professional beer brewer in no time. The resulting quality of the beer made from this kit is hard to beat at this price range and experience level. So if you’re a beginner looking to make your first brew, things couldn’t get any simpler than this and you’ll soon be enjoying your first home bottled beer with a smile on your face.


Overall Star Ratings
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Final Thoughts

The ideal home brew starter kit for beginners and anyone else who wants to make there own quality beer in the easiest possible way.


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