This is a page where you can learn more about the people behind the Mr Booze name and what we’re really all about.

We started out as a group of guys who really enjoyed life and this included drinking good quality beer on many occasions. After awhile we noticed that the price of our beer was going up on a regular basis and was getting to the point where we, as average working men could no longer afford to spend too much time relaxing in the local bars.

A friend of ours asked if we had ever tried home brewing, which got us thinking that maybe we should do some more research on the subject. After looking into it some more we realised how cheap it would actually cost to make our own batches of beer and how much fun we could have doing it.

Soon after we had purchased our first home brew kit and made our first batch of beer. We were so impressed with the results and how little effort was required, we decided to turn it into a regular hobby. Within weeks we were trialling several different batches at the same time trying to find the perfect combination for a beer that we could be proud of. As time went on we realised that we were having just as much fun making the beer as drinking it and began to realise what a wonderful pastime we had discovered.

So now we have took it upon ourselves to share some of the experience we have with others and to show people that you don’t have to run a big brewery to make your own beer. We provide friendly advice for beginners, as well as more seasoned brewers alike. So please enjoy your time on the site and start working towards perfecting your own home brew.